Turn Students into Super Fans

and Master Classroom Behaviour in Minutes

With Powerful Practical Psychology

The Unbreakable Teacher is for educators who want to become masters of classroom behaviour without burning out.

All based on proven psychological approaches that will boost your confidence and obliterate self doubt.

Your colleagues will be asking you, 'how did you do that?' Even with the most challenging students.


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“How is something so simple so effective and why doesn't everyone know this!”

~Kayleigh - Trainee Teacher

“I wish I had found you years ago, LJ”

~Jodie - Teacher

“I genuinely cannot wait to get back into the classroom tomorrow with these strategies”

~Claire - Trainee Teacher

Lets face it...

Behaviour in the classroom can be horrendous and self doubt can creep up on you...

Join thousands of Teachers in mastering behaviour and turning students into super fans without burning out


What People are Saying:

What You'll Learn In This Course

Module #1

  • Fast acting Psychology: Get your hands on the Psychology that will give you the upper hand in the classroom 

  • Templates: Create a one page behaviour profile so you can redirect behaviour in minutes

  • Practical Strategies: Get tips on how to motivate the unmotivated student

Module #2

  • Kill Anxiety :One technique to stop self doubt forever

  • Increased confidence: Boost your confidence in minutes even in front of complex classes

  • School Cultures: I'll show you how to navigate toxic school cultures and protect yourself at all costs

A Single Method to Win Classes Over

  • Secret One: When things change, so must we, learn secret one of winning over the complex class

  • Secret Two: I HAVE to show you a totally new way to look at turning any child into a super fan.

  • Secret Three: Are you ready to have teachers asking you 'how did you do that'?

Bonus Sessions

  • Practical Strategies : Everyone loves top tips to quickly win classes over and gain control

  • Post Covid Classes : Psychology to regulate individuals and whole classes

  • Templates: That will help you plan for those challenging students and classes quickly?

Plus Ongoing Support

  • Your questions answered: Get all your questions answered as you move through the course by psychologists!

  • Updated content: Science and research are always changing so we will we keep the course content relevant by updating with new lessons FOREVER

  • Join the Facebook Group: Meet like-minded teachers and share resources

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Dr LJ and I have been fascinated with the power of psychology for as long as I can remember. I want to give you that psychology in accessible ways so you can use it and apply it to make make a huge difference to your life immediately.

I started out working in education as soon as I left education. I have worked with every age group in a vast range of settings. I have seen all kinds of classroom challenges and have been on the receiving end of some complex situations. I have always enjoyed understanding the functions of behaviours and so trained in educational and child psychology over 10 years ago, in the UK. I deeply understand the challenges faced by educators on a daily basis. Every day I continue to work with teachers, to support them in navigating those challenges, without burning out or losing themselves to the job completely.

Over the last 15 years of working with students with a range of complex needs, I have learned and seen some powerful high-impact strategies, built on awesome psychology.  Behaviour is the of the outcome of the problem and once you understand that, you can begin to redirect behaviour VERY quickly. You don't need more time to do this, you just need some powerful psychological tools at your disposal. Once those tools are in the bag, you can have even the most complex students eating out of the palm of you hands. I spent years focussing on the behaviour, I crashed and burned by trying to be liked and when I got these tools, the tools I'm about to share with you, it felt like I had cracked the code.

AND THAT RIGHT THERE is what inspired me to create The Unbreakable Teacher. I have worked with thousands of teachers over the last decade and when I give them this psychology the game changes for them. Teachers have gone from despair to feeling back in control of the most complex classrooms. They feel confidence in their convictions and have obliterated that killer self doubt and imposter syndrome. This psychology will take a teacher from feeling broken to feeling totally and utterly unbreakable... and it does it FAST.

But I get it, you probably don't really care about who I am and why I created this platform... Right now, all you care about is CAN I ACTUALLY HELP YOU! Well, since launching The Unbreakable Teacher in March 2023 1,786 people have enrolled in the program and the feedback is in... People are blown away at how fast they can turn classrooms and students around. I hope you're as excited as I am for you to begin this journey!  I am in the course chat and ready to hear your questions, I hope to meet you soon!

Who Is This Course For?

  • You want to learn how to feel confident and in control of even the most complex students and classrooms.

  • You value your own wellbeing and you can see that the current situation isn't sustainable

  • People who truly want to make a difference, who love being a teacher, but who are finding teaching too challenging at times because of the complexity that exists out there

We go deep into WHO, WHY and HOW

​✅ Senior Leaders with overwhelmed staff

✅​ Teachers with very difficulty students causing havoc in the classroom

✅​ Why students lose their motivation and how to get it back

✅ Teachers who have lost their confidence

✅​ Mastering the post covid classroom!

Who Is This Course NOT For?

❌ Your aren't willing to take instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error.

❌ Teachers who are interested in chalk and talk

Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level is this program for?

We have teachers who are currently in training in the programme and teachers who have been in the game for over 20 years. There is no entry requirement here, but no matter what level you are at, there is something to learn here that will change your teaching experience

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

You will get immediate access and you have life time access to the programme

What research is this based on?

We are drawing on Attachment theory (routed in the work of Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth)

Ainsworth, M. D. S. (1973). The development of infant–mother attachment. In B. Caldwell & H. Ricciuti (Eds.),
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Also the work of Bomber and Gedds

We also draw on Self Determination Theory:

Deci, E. L., Koestner, R., & Ryan, R. M. (1999). A meta- analytic review of experiments examining the effects of extrinsic rewards on intrinsic motivation.
Psychological Bulletin, 125, 627–668.

We look at Functional Behavioural Analysis

Moore, J. W., Edwards, R. P., Sterling-Turner, H. E., Riley, J., DuBard, M., & McGeorge, A. (2002). Teacher acquisition of functional analysis methodology.
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis,
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We dive into the impact of rapport and how to help the students become your super fans

Frisby, B. N., Beck, A. C., Smith Bachman, A., Byars, C., Lamberth, C., and Thompson, J. (2016). The influence of instructor-student rapport on instructors' professional and organizational outcomes.
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Ibarra, S. (2014).
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Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! The Unbreakable Teacher has a 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED and ENLIGHTENED by the The Unbreakable Teacher Program, then contact us within 7 Days for a full refund, no questions asked!

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